Cambodia Indigenous Library

Cambodia Indigenous Library is the first indigenous library that mainly focuses on indigenous peoples in Cambodia. This library was founded in 2021 by Cambodia Indigenous Peoples Organization. Cambodia Indigenous Library is a small public library located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

our staff enjoy reading book while break time

The goal of creating this library is to collect and compile indigenous documentaries and data collection.

Our mission is to provide free and open access to indigenous information and resource, as well as support research related to indigenous peoples.

Our collections include general books and indigenous documentaries related to general knowledge and a variety of indigenous documents it is a place to educate students, researchers can do research, and where compile and collect documents related to indigenous peoples.

Book collections in our library

Besides it is an important place to provide service to students, we have openings for all staff and public persons to visit and self-learn about indigenous peoples to promote reading in Cambodia. Unfortunately, we still do not have a digital library as an audio, screening, and technology base.

Our partnership or collaboration is with the Indigenous community library and the university libraries in Cambodia. Raoul Wallenberg Institute-RWI is one of our donors who support us financially and technically.

CIPO staff meet with donor RWI at our library in 2021

There are two librarians who handle the library. Mr. Blen Romam is a former librarian from 2021 to 2022. After that, Sev Thvay is a librarian who will help you to read and do research on indigenous peoples.

Every Monday-Friday from 8 am to 5 pm will be open for all visitors to access and visit our library. If you want to learn more about indigenous peoples, please come to meet our librarian.

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