Indigenous Cultural Memorial Celebration

Bunong Indigenous celebrated the cultural memorial day, 2023

Every year, 11th of April is a crucial day for all indigenous groups in Cambodia. Young adults, the elderly, women, and all communities can meet each other to celebrate the cultural memorial festival in their own community.


Bunong Indigenous celebrated the cultural memorial day at Indigenous Statue in Senmonorom, Mondulkiri, 2023


This year, Indigenous peoples have a big celebration on the 11th of April 2023 in Senmonorom, Mondulkiri province. The festival was attended by a diverse group of people, including the indigenous community, youths, women, and senator representatives, and was specially attended by H.E. Thang Savon, Provincial Governor of Mondulkiri province. More people attended the Indigenous Cultural Memorial Festival because it introduced visitors to know about new things, they could join the exhibition such as showing indigenous traditional music, dancing, and showing custom performances.

Bunong Indigenous included young, women, elders joined together to promote their custom and solidarity among the street in Mondolkiri, 2023. Source: Bunong Group


More impressive, most young generation, they started  brave and happy to show their own uniqueness and understand the importance of conserving their cultural and traditional life as indigenous peoples. This activity can encourage people to love their own style and be proud to be their own identity. Public persons will be understanding more about indigenous traditional life and how they live with traditional and modern life.

Showing traditional dancing to visitors at the Cultural Memorial Day. Source: Bunong Group


Cultural Memorial Day  is an indigenous reminisce event that promotes and empowers indigenous culture, customs, and traditional music. The festival is very attractive to youths because it is a movement in which they can show their traditional clothes and meet their friends.

The festival was started in 2018 that proposed Bunong Indigenous community in Mondulkiri Province. Mondulkiri is the first province where to celebrate the Indigenous Cultural Day.

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