Mara Has Good Experiences in Switzerland

A Kreung Indigenous attending the training in Geneva, Switzerland [Image by Mara Nan]
Ms. Mara Nan, a 23-year-old of Kreung Indigenous from Tern village in the northern part of Ratanakiri. She is currently work with Cambodia Indigenous Peoples Organization (CIPO) as project assistant position. Mara is already graduated in law at Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE).

Mara is an indigenous person with potential leadership who stands up for Cambodia’s indigenous peoples. Fortunately, she and other indigenous youths chose by Cambodia Indigenous Peoples Alliance (CIPA) to take part in a program in a country that she had always wanted to see since she was in high school.

Mara is talking on laws and Indigenous rights with Indigenous community [Image by Mara Nan]
Due to her strong devotion and passion for promoting indigenous rights and working on contribute law knowledge to the entire indigenous community. She fortunately chose to visit and attend the training in Geneva, Switzerland, two months ago.

The training mainly focused on human rights and how to document violations of human rights Expect Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples its started from 10th – 21th July 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The objective of the training is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to advocate for human rights and indigenous rights while traveling with Docip and its partners. Additionally, it strives to help leaders of organizations focused to indigenous rights gain an improved understanding of the relationship between human rights and international organizations, particularly in terms of documenting violations of human rights.

Mara and her colleagues attending the training in the UN Office in Geneva, Switzerland [Image by Mara Nan]
Mara gained much from this program in terms of experience and lessons learned. She discovered that the culture of Switzerland is more evolved than the cultures of other countries she has visited as far as of cleanliness, peace, and economic development.  As a result, she learned more about indigenous rights in other nations. “I learned more about laws that protect Indigenous rights around the world,” she concluded. She made further visits to a number of international organizations that support human rights, including WIPO, , OMPI, OHCHR, UNPFll Member, and UN voluntary Fund.

A picture of training [Image by Mara Nan]
I very excited to joined the program and I am really loving this country,” she told to CIPO.  After she returned to Cambodia, she already shared her experience of exchange program in abroad with her colleague at the Foundation Students since 27 August 2023. Afterward, she wishes to share it to indigenous youths, community and CIPO staff. Besides, there will conduct a training with Indigenous colleague funded by Docip.

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