CIPO wants to see Indigenous Peoples (IP) with the capacity to proactively and responsively promote Indigenous Peoples Community (IPC) to be a permanent entity living with dignity within the multicultural society of Cambodia.

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CIPO exists to improve well-being, rights and sustainable development of the IP communities, through strengthening the IPs’ sense of ownership on land and natural resources management, economic development and culture/tradition conservation.

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Who we are:

Our in-depth understanding of the local, national and global context allows us to work effectively to deliver real and sustainable change to the IP society. We draw on a diverse range of methodologies we can deploy flexibly to achieve impact. These include: advocating for IPs census and developing IPs center, facilitating the community formation; creating networks and collaboration between stakeholder groups; enabling and developing IPs key leaders; building and strengthening the IPs capacity; and coordinating IPs access to legal assistance. This is all offered within a framework that allows CIPO to develop tailored interventions to meet the needs of the IP communities.

Core Programs