Strategic Plan 2021-2025

CIPO has developed four key strategic themes (for program implementation) for the next five years from 2021-2025:

Strategic theme #1: Advocate for the development, amendment and enforcement of the implementation of relevant national/international legal frameworks for the interest and benefit of IPs.

Strategic theme #2: Strengthen self-collective indigenous leadership and governance systems in solving problems of the ICs.

Strategic theme #3: Strengthening the indigenous women’s and men’s voices through networks and clear representation.

Strategic theme #4: Maintain the sustainable livelihood and economic development program for the ICs Formulated comprehensive livelihood/ business models for ICs.

Strategic Plan 2016-2020

CIPO has a strong commitment to combating the abuse of rights, cultural, political, social, and economic of IPs and land and the natural resources in Cambodia. We believe that a holistic approach to empower the IPs to take charge of developing their own IPs communities will lead to improving the social inclusion and wellbeing of the IP and Cambodia society.
Our analysis during the strategic review/planning process led us to agree that CIPO should practice our learning accumulated over 2 years, through our program implementation. We should manage the four core programs; tailor them to meet IPs stakeholders’ needs. We should also try to develop new coherent programs that can scale our services and effectively respond to the complexity and future development trends of Cambodia.

We have developed three key strategic themes (for program implementation) for the next four years.

– Manage the four core programs tailor to meet IPs stakeholders’ needs.
– Advocate for and support the government to speed up the processes of communal land titling.
– Strengthen the livelihood and economic activities of the IP communities.

Our internal analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Constraints (Appendix 2) has also confirmed that there is a need to strengthen organizational capacity to be able to operate in the most effective way for achieving maximum impact. In particular, our priority will be to ensure that we have a strong base of competent and responsive staff. In this connection, we must also secure financial support for our programs. We have, therefore, identified two further important strategic themes (for organization improvement) include:
– Strengthening organizational capacity to provide high-quality and responsive services.
– Generate resources to support program and organization operation.

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