Coordination and strengthening the land tenure security for indigenous peoples’ communities


I. Reporting Period:

A. Start date:            1 February, 2016

B. End date:             15 June, 2016


II. Reported to:                      GIZ-LRPII Programme


III. Report Date:                   15th June, 2016


IV. Contract No:                   LSA 82202171


V. Project Proposal Period   5 and a half month (1 January 2016 to 15 June 2016)


VI. Total Budget                   US$ 57,896.00   


VII. Background


This project will build on previous and ongoing GIZ projects as well as on work by a wide variety of other actors. In particular the project will build upon GIZ’s 10 years of work coordinating activities between the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction (MLMUPC), Indigenous Communities (ICs), and civil society organizations, in promoting greater land tenure security for ICs. The project will also build on efforts by various other actors to assist ICs to coordinate their activities concerning land tenure problems. The project will also build on the accomplishments of the GIZ-CIPO project that will end 15 January 2016.


. Unfortunately, GIZ coordination role in land tenure security activities will come to an end in June 2016. However GIZ-LRP II has prepared some main activities as an exit strategy to support eight NGOs partners to be able to independently implement Indigenous Communal Land Title processes, especially step 2.5 of the project document. One identified activity is capacity building for CIPO to become the coordination body between MLMUPC and NGOs partners to support land tenure for ICs, in order that CIPO can start to play this role.

For many years now, various civil society organizations have taken steps to facilitate coordination among ICs.  There have been meetings of many ICs from all over the country in various provinces with Indigenous population.  These meetings have functioned as crucial opportunities for ICs to engage in communicating more among themselves, and CIPO wishes to build on this experience in this project by organizing a coordination mechanism among ICs that already have Ministry of Interior (MoI) recognition.

In addition, the project will continue to work with the same ICs who are the  targets of the present project, but will do so only in ways that build on what has already been accomplished, and will not simply repeat previous work.  For instance, in La In community the project will follow up on negotiations on burial land that has been blocked by a road, and where, as a result of the current project's efforts the encroachers are willing to address the problem.  

The project will also follow up on another burial land conflict which, because of the current project, an old complaint filed to the provincial court long ago is finally being acted upon. Without CIPO and the new IC committee's action, the case would have remained silent and remained unresolved. 

Also the project will discuss with ICs in Loeun Chorng and La In on a concrete strategy over their spiritual land which has been returned from encroaches and renters because of efforts made in the present project.


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